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Talking about the care and maintenance of computer systems, each operating system in general has been providing internal utility tool that innate ability to help its users to perform care and maintenance of existing computer systems. Innate ability of an operating system utility tool is similar to other external utility tool on the market today. And all of it depends on the user in optimizing its use.

With the increasing growth of technology, this innate ability of utilities, basically it will continue to be enhanced and customized by the vendor itself along with the release of the latest version of the operating system in question. Therefore, for those who do not want to be bothered because of a busy daily routine use of computer systems, can use the tool internal utility default operating system is there to help perform maintenance of computer systems to suit your needs of course.

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A war between two giant gadget makers just begun July 30, 2012 but the actually the it warmed up since April 15, 2102. They are SAMSUNG and APPLE.

The story begun because Apple didn't like the other gadget maker "Copy and Paste" iPhone and iPad design as on Galaxy Tab and Smartphone Galaxy. As we know, both have different Operation System. iPhone and iPad with their own OS and Samsung use the android OS Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Smartphone.

The Statements
Apple Statements
"Apple claims that Samsung is deliberately copied the design of the iPhone and the iPad, following the product packaging tablet and smartphone Galaxy and Galaxy Tab."

Samsung Statement
"Samsung denied all claims saying that Apple and the consumer electronics industry routinely seek inspiration from the products in the past"

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At the Computex 2012 event ago, Lenovo showed off a Windows-based tablet device 8, and it is ThinkPad Tablet 2. The ThinkPad Tablet 2 will use a 10 inch screen and Intel Atom processor is privided on it. Now, Lenovo has officially announced the specifications and when these devices will be present on the market.

According to the source, Lenovo ThinkPad has a 9.8mm thickness. 10-inch screen that is used by the ThinkPad Tablet 2 supports a resolution of 1.366 x 768. Type of display used is IPS.
For connection Lenovo tablet device equipped with a 3G/4G. For Video out, Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 added a micro-HDMI output.

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Rumors about the iPhone 5 just kept popping up. Once the size of the screen and dock connector 9 pin, now the news spread about the size of the dimensions of the iPhone 5. Rumors, iPhone 5 will be thinner than the Samsung Galaxy S III!
Rumors, iPhone 5 will use the screen "Retina" greater
Quoted from BGR, the iPhone will reportedly have a width of 5 58.47 mm, 123.83 mm in length, and thickness of only 7.6 mm.
5 If the iPhone really has a thickness of only 7.6 mm, the latest generation Apple iPhone will be thinner than 1 mm Samsung Galaxy S III. In addition, the iPhone 5 will be 0.2 mm thinner than HTC One S.
BGR alone predict, after comparing each component distributor and check some video-related iPhone 5, if the rumors about the size of the highly accurate. Even so, these rumors are unsubstantiated until the time of its release later.

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Is it true that the picture above is a tablet made ​​by RIM recently?

The physical presence of RIM's latest tablet is still mysterious. But there is one great site that leaked bold and predict that such images are Playbook BlackBerry made ​​by Research In Motion.

When Apple reportedly decided to make a cheap tablet with a 7 inch size, the opposite is actually made ​​by Research in Motion (RIM). BlackBerry maker is rumored to be making a tablet with a size that rivals the iPad.

Yes, outstanding photographs that leaked the latest generation of tablet Playbook. The device is claimed to be an Playbook by 10 inch size. As is known, before a 7-inch Playbook.

According to the news that blow, the big screen this Playbook will soon make its debut next year. If this is true, embedded operating system is most likely the BlackBerry OS 10.

Besides size, there are no other complete specification related to the Playbook 10 Inch. But in one of the other image is visible, this tablet will be paired with a 7250 mAh battery.

About the support network is still mysterious. Is the present course or WiFi version only supports 4G performance although it is likely limited in 3G. So that was quoted from Engagdet, Tuesday (07/31/2012)
Source: inetdetik
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