July 15, 2016

iPhone 7 Will Use Big Battery Capacity

News and Reviews Gadget Technology - After several weeks yesterday rumored to be launched seems there are still other news is still a rumor on the internet.

In the post digfutech previously been disclosed that the estimated Apple smart phone devices will bring capacity have greater capacity, unlike the iPhone 6.

iPhone 7 recently reported by GSM Arena will streamline the body up to 1 mm than the iPhone 6s.

The next flagship smartphone from Apple, the iPhone 7, is predicted to be 1 mm thinner than the iPhone 6S series predecessors.

Logically, if you have a smaller thickness of 1 mm would be sacrificing some parts, and the most rational is the battery capacity is lowered. But this turned out indisputable logic. From phonearena reported that Apple's next flagship phone this would be a large capacity. Yes, the iPhone 7 expected capacity of more than 1960 mAH like that of the iPhone 6s.

Roughly, what is the capacity of the battery will be used for this iPhone 7?

Phonearena continued that the iPhone 7 expected capacity of 2700 mAh. Logically, if the battery capacity for it, it would be sacrificing your body shape iPhone 7 fatter.

It's just a rumor. True or not, should we wait for his arrival in September.