June 21, 2016

6 Reason To Choose OnePlus 3

Digfutech's News and Reviews Gadget Technology - Several days after the launch of the latest flagship smartphone OnePlus emerging news about the secret feature that is owned by OnePlus 3.

Qualified specification, making this upscale smartphones became the target of gadget enthusiasts. Therefore Digfutech summarizes some important values that can be recommended. And this 6 Reason To Choose OnePlus 3.
1. Price

On paper, like a premium phone, OnePlus 3 Unibody design brings wrapped with aluminum. In addition, the 5.5-inch screen smartphone is equipped with Snapdragon 820 brain that is generally used by top class smart phone. To maximize performance, OnePlus 3 is equipped with a very large RAM capacity is 6GB. Are compounded by the quality of Optic AMOLED type screen that presents a more natural color. Not yet satisfied? It costs only about £ 5 Million. This is the main Reason To Choose OnePlus 3.

2. Specifications Mumpuni

As mentioned above at Reason to Choose OnePlus 3 for the price. Specifications OnePlus 3 is very noteworthy. Briefly, Onplus 3 is equipped Chipset Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820 and CPU Dual-core 2:15 GHz Kryo & dual-core 1.6 GHz Kryo, RAM 6GB + 64GB Internal Storage, 5.5 Inch Optic Amoled at 1080 x 1920 pixels and Gorilla Glass 4 Protection. 16 megapixel, f / 2.0, phase detection autofocus, OIS, LED flash technology combined with Sony's lens. Features with finger print sensor, Dual Sim, and other premium smartphones so that make it worth to buy and this is the second reason to choose OnePlus 3.

3. Shortcut to Run Quick Launch Camera

By doing a double tap on the home button or double click the button lock, the camera of OnePlus 3 will directly open regardless of where you access it.

This feature may be said to be one of the security features OnePlus 3. It is said that because access to camera easily and quickly can make you capture important moments which usually occurs at an unknown time. This smart featur represents an important reason to choose OnePlus 3.

4. Capacitive Button with fingerprint sensor

In place of the usual buttons 'home' on a smartphone attached, you will see that OnePlus 3 has a similar button. However, do not assume first that it was the 'home' because those buttons are capacitive buttons whose function is as a place where we unlock the screen using fingerprint.

On either side of the button, there are two capacitive buttons are hidden by their respective functions that can later be customized.

By default, the left button has a function for multitasking, while the right button function as the back button. But make no mistake, because the function of the two keys turned out to be exchanged roles.

Left button be 'back' button and right button into a multitasking button.

Or also you can turn off the two keys which can then be replaced with on-screen buttons.

In summary, the placement of capacitive buttons which can be customized and embedding a fingerprint sensor for locking a smart phone can be used as a reason to choose OnePlus 3.

5. Double Tap to Turn Smartphones

Although not a new feature and have been implemented in the first generation OnePlus, double tap to wake feature is one of many people's favorite feature, which allows users did not need to reach the home button when you want to turn on the screen.

6. Wave Your Hands to Screen for Viewing Alert and Clock

Although Motorola already had this feature for years, the existence of these features certainly no less interesting with new features that exist on OnePlus 3.

By turning the function gesture on OnePlus 3, then waved to the front of the screen, the screen will then light up and look at the clock and notifications emerging.

6 Reason to choose Oneplus 3 is explained here. So, if you think this smartphone can answer your need so it is worth to you to buy.