August 22, 2009

Using An HD Camcorder

HD Camcorders may look like standard definition video recorders, and are often of the same size and design. But do not be conned, the technology within an HD Camcorder is far more sophisticated, with the ability to record up to 1080 lines of detail - similar resolution as an High Definition Television.

The higher resolution of the best HD Camcorders means that your pictures will be sharper and display more details. The advanced software features, such as manual and automatic focus modes, and enhanced color balancing, mean that your videos will appear better than before with your HD Camcorder.

The most crucial consideration when getting an HD Camcorder is which format it’s going to be recorded on. You have a choice from Mini-DV tapes, DVDs, or solid state media such as memory card or hard disks. Each has its own advantages .

Mini-DV lets you swap tapes simply, so you can record hours of video on your HD Camcorders without having to worry about running out of space. It straightforward to edit, but can often take a little time to transfer to your pc.
Blank DVDs are a good option for your HD Camcorder if you want to share your movies easily with mates, and are not involved with modifying them, as the formats that are used may make this tricky on a pc.

Solid state media is a good option for an HD Camcorder if you don’t want to be lugging tapes or discs around with you, and permits you to easily copy your footage to a computer. The quality isn’t generally quite as great as Mini-DV however, so you’ll need to carefully consider your HD Camcorder priorities.

External features of your HD Camcorder may also be crucial features in deciding on your choice. You may want a HD Camcorder with a quality zoom feature, in which case you need to get one with a high ‘optical zoom’ figure. Don’t be persuaded by a ‘digital zoom’ however, as this simply makes the image bigger by blowing it up just like you would on a computer, and may lead to video being pixelated.

If you are of a more creative type, you must look for an HD Camcorder with some kind of manual focus to offer you greater control over your images. An external control such as a ring or wheel makes this even easier. Some other features for HD Camcorders such as video lamps,night mode and image stabilisation must also be looked into, and plenty of HD video recorders also supply a still photography mode, which helps you take snaps without having to carry a digicam around.

HD Camcorder sound is also a vital feature, and you wish to buy an external microphone to offer you better quality sound. The discrete, in-built microphones of some of the best HD Camcorders are often sufficient however, and mean it is way easier to cart around. Many HD video recorders come with wind filter functions which stop over the top noise when videoing outdoors.
This demonstrates the considerable range of functions and features that HD Camcorders can give you, and the methods you’ll discover one to fit your specific needs. Make sure you carefully look at all the features before you buy to make sure that your HD Camcorder does all the things you need it to do.

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