September 04, 2009

MIX™ (iMT800) digital boombox

Happy news for iPhone and iPod owner.

The new MIX™ (iMT800) digital boombox for iPhone and iPod now has been introdused. This will be "booming" your iPhone or iPod sound. On source said "The MIX is the genuine 'next generation' boombox for the way music enthusiasts are playing their music today,"

The new MIX™ (iMT800) is designed in rugged style and high end sound, the MIX is perfect for those 'unofficial DJ's' who like to start their parties with sound so DJs can 'mix it up' between three music player inputs. Amazingly 30-pin dock connector for the iPhone and iPod and also two front-facing 3.5mm jacks.

So, DJ..., this device is labeled in $299.95 to pay these features:
  • Crystal-clear high end -- Specially engineered horn-loaded silk dome tweeters designed for smooth, wide dispersion.
  • Full mid-range -- Two custom-designed drivers push room-filling mids and mid bass.
  • Fierce bass -- XdB bass-enhanced side-firing subwoofer and tuned passive radiator deliver formidable bass.
  • Audio Alignment™ -- Drivers, enclosure and electronics are balanced for optimum sound.
  • Digital FM radio -- Tune in to clean reception with telescopic antenna and four station presets.
  • AC or battery-powered -- Plug in or lose the wires with up to 30 hours of play with 8 D batteries. Battery life is displayed on LCD.
  • Dual AUX IN jacks -- Connect up to two additional audio players via front-facing 3.5mm jacks.
  • Clip-on remote -- Enhanced wireless carabineer remote provides song and playlist navigation.
  • Music Pause -- Automatically pauses music when a call is received on the iPhone.
  • Interference Free -- Unique design is immune to mobile phone interference, eliminating the need to switch to airplane mode.
  • At-A-Glance LCD -- Track, artist, album and station display.
  • Customizable EQ's -- Multiple EQ modes let you adjust your sound, including 7-band graphic equalizer, four EQ presets and separate Bass and Treble controls.
  • Onboard controls -- Control most functions from the unit.
  • Universal dock for iPhone and iPod -- Recharges while it plays your tunes.

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