November 02, 2009

MOTOROLA Milestone is android phone

I start my writing today by visit the PMPtod. I found the article and read that one. This time PMPtod talking about the Milestone of MOTOROLA.

"I like how the Verizon Motorola Droid rolls out of my tongue. In Europe, they messed with the Droid’s nae and made it the Milestone. Nothing wrong with that at all. The Milestone has also become a GSM phone. O2 Germany will release the Milestone on November 9 or three days after its American debut. The Google Android phone will have a larger user base around the world using GSM networks. We don’t know if Motorola will want to distribute the Droid to more countries. It feels a little disappointing that outside the U.S. it will not be Droid versus iPhone." PMPtod said.

I agree of what the PMPtoday's said. Motorola appears to always spot the new innovations. But I'm not sure if the Milestone will kill the iPhone popularity.

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