December 28, 2009

5 Netbooks of the year 2009

Cnet - 5 Netbooks of the year 2009 has announced and reviewed by

the First cnet's best netbook is ASUS EEE PC 1005HA. The superiority of this netbook is 6+ hour Battery.

Second place of the best netbook is HP Mini 5101. The HP Mini 5101 is a worthy successor to the Mini 2140. "It looks and feels great, but for a premium-priced Netbook, We except to have more features, not less" cnet's resumes about this netbook.

Appears to the third best Netbook is also the HP production again. The HP's Mini 311 is also choosen becomes the best Netbook of this year. Cnet adding review about the high-definition display and advance graphic to a basic netbook and Mini 311's price is very appealing. It also has burried the Windows 7 OS.

Fourth places are falling to the Dell Inspiron Mini 10v with standard components for category.

And the last is taken by Samsung N310. The superiority of this netbook on it's design that unique to standard Netbook configuration. But according to the review, it's too bad and it's so expensive.

Alright, the 5 best netbooks of the year has done. Now the choice is on you decision to take.


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