January 18, 2010

BlackArmor PS110 is HDD's Seagate With 3.0 USB

Seagate response the new coming digital technology by announce it new portable HDD. What makes this one a touch different than the rest is the "performance kit" that it ships in, which is comprised of a 500GB USB 3.0 HDD (a 2.5-inches with a 7200RPM spindle speed), a power cable and an ExpressCard USB 3.0 adapter. 'Course, your shiny new MacBook won't take too kindly to this type of gesture -- but hey, at least you can read SD cards without breaking a sweat! The kit is up for purchase right now for $179.99, and if you're looking to take a closer look before pulling the trigger, you'll find our hands-on below along with a glance at a for-demonstration-only 7mm 2.5-inch drive that was first announced last month.


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