January 22, 2010

Blackbarry price down

In just two months since the launch in December 2009 and initially, the price of the BlackBerry mobile phones are officially marketed Onyx operators in Indonesia have experienced a decrease twice. What time is it worth?

When released by XL Axiata first time at the end of last year, the Bold 9700 series prodused Research in Motion of Canada were marketed at a price of USD 6.5 million.

A month ago, beginning in January 2010, the official price of this phone fell to USD $ 6 million when Natrindo Cell Phones can be an opportunity for mobile service bundled with Axis.

Without the need to wait a month later, prices have fallen again Onyx. Telkomsel is the service that makes the official price of smart phones is a bit cheaper.

"Fixed price that we offer USD 5.6 million. However, if bought with a Citibank credit card, customers can get the Onyx SingTel at a price four point," Gideon said Eddie Purnomo, VP Channel Management Telkomsel, the detikINET, Friday (22 / 1 / 2010).

In a number of non-mobile phone shop operators in Jakarta, the average BlackBerry Onyx priced at Rp 5.4 million. With the continued decline in the official price of the service, can be estimated retail price of the stores sold these phones will slam the price again.

According to Gideon, SingTel will supply Onyx 15,000 units this year. "Our new stock is received 5000 units," he said.

Inventory prepared Telkomsel little more than just supply the Axis of 10,000 units. But the amount that will imported Telkomsel XL is not as much as 20,000 units had been supplied.

XL himself had had to increase the supply because Onyx is quite attractive. Only in a month, XL claimed there are 25,000 units sold Onyx.

Besides XL, Axis, and Telkomsel, other operators are still preparing to release Onyx is Indosat. Reportedly, the phone began to be marketed in a pre-order the official price was USD 6.9 million will be released next February.

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