January 18, 2010

HP new professional laptop with Core i7 processor

HP has update it's technology. Six new professional laptop models in the mix, with Core i7 processor options across the board and plenty of other high-end accouterments. The ProBook models, the 6440b (14-inch) and 6540b (15.6-inch), have a starting price of $949, while the gunmetal aluminum-clad EliteBook 8440w and 8540w start at $1,299 and $1,499, respectively. Finally the more traditional platinum aluminum 8440p and 8540p start at $1,099 and $1,249. The differences between the six models might seem minimal to the untrained eye, but high marks like the spill-resistant drains in the EliteBook models, 24 hour battery option on the 8440p / 8540p might help make sense of the endless configurations that will be available among these models. Everything should hit virtual shelves in February, and there's PR after the break.

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