January 17, 2010

New iRiver E30

PMPtoday announced a new iRiver E30, we didn’t xpect it to make waves around the world. The iRiver E30 would only be a China-only launch and it doesn’t look like anyone else would be interested in its very basic charms, especially when you have a 2GB version priced at $66. The E30 lacks buttons but is no touchscreen, should play well but no special audio technology for the true audiophile (though there is the SRS WOW HD), and, again, the lack of capacity. So it comes as a surprise when we saw this anoouncement over at Akihabaranews.

The iRiver E30 Matte is the same 2GB iRiver E30 announced for China, with the only difference being the outer casing: 1.8-inch screen, 2GB storage, MP3, WAV, etc., FM, SRS WOW HD, and about 52 hours of music for… 6980 yen or $77 USD!

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