January 30, 2010

Resolution of Keypad Troubleshooting

HTC's you may have experienced such problems ever experienced by some people who ask for a solution in the forum.

Well, for those of you who have problems on the keypad that does not respond, the following resolution:

1. Is the issue with any of the re-assignable buttons on the device (the only button that can be reassigned on this model is the Press and Hold function of the Send Call button)? · If so, go to Start>Settings>Personal Tab>Buttons and check the assignment. · If the value is set to none, no action will take place when that button is pressed.

2. Rule out 3rd party applications by removing them: Start>Settings>System Tab>Remove Programs.
· The Device must be Soft Reset using the stylus after removing the 3rd party applications.

3. Is the issue seen after removing all 3rd party applications and performing the Soft Reset?
· If so, perform a Hard Reset and allow the Customization process to complete.
· The hard reset will remove all of the customers’ data and settings and restore the device back to the state that it was in out of the box. Once the Hard Reset is done, the customers’ settings and data CANNOT be recovered. If possible, have the customer back up their data before proceeding with the Hard Reset.

4. Once the Hard Reset and Customization process have completed, retest the device. 5. If the issue remains, the device will need to be replaced/repaired.

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