January 14, 2010

What is Google nexus One (just review Fact about Nexus One)

What is Google nexus One (just Fact about Nexus One)

Facebook integration
"the Nexus One does this effortlessly, too, and even launches a decent Facebook experience when you click on a Facebook-related item in the Contact on the Nexus One." Said Joel Evans.

As we know that Nexus One is an gadget produced by Google. This was become a rumor 3 years ago. One of its features is voice-to-text. This enable your voice become to text. On the video below is demoed how it works.

How ever, this posting is requiring the device on hand but i cant speak about reviewing the google nexus one becaus i have no this gadget. Thanks to Joel Evans that gives information to share.

In other view, Nathania Johnson said about The Nexus One that it is an Expection of the mobile web store to add additional devices and carriers in the future. but i guess it not.

Back to the John's review about google nexus one. The Live Wallpapers. I have write about the Nexus One's Live walpaper on video. This feature is plus value to the nexus. See how the Live Wallpapers work here.

Oke, i think just that the reviewing about fact of the Nexus One. if you have more info, please share here

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