February 27, 2010

ASUS EEE PC 1080 P and EEE PC 1015 P

ASUS will reportedly unveil three new Eee PC models at ceBIT: 1015 P, 1016 P and 1018 P all with 10-inch displays. We have rather limited information as to their specifications but just to give you an “unofficial” idea :

Eee PC 1015 is rather considered to be an upgrade of 1005P with a larger touchpad, aluminum body and battery life for up to 14 hrs.

Eee PC 1016 has squared off design, chiclet keys, aluminum chassis and 14 hr runtime.

As to the Eee PC 1018P, it is estimated to be around 18 mm thick and being as such crowned as the thinnest netbook from ASUS ever. It also features Integrated fingerprint scanner, USB 3.0 and 10 hrs battery life. http://media.akihabaranews.com/uploads/images/0/60/36460/001.jpg

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