February 22, 2010

Samsung Netbook N150

You'll buy a netbook samsung N150 ...? Check shortcomings and strengths. According to the sources that I read from gadgetmix.com, there are several advantages that you can enjoy. Especially for the standard level, this gadget has fulfilled the minimum requirements.

(+) New more power-frugal processor
(+) Good battery life
(+) Wi-Fi b/g/n
(-) Although it has chiclet keys, the keys are not adequately spaced out which makes error-free typing difficult.
(-) Dull black plastic
(-) No 3G
Why are there not many positives or negatives about this netbook? Reason is that it is a pretty basic, entry level netbook and it is just like any other pine trail (Atom N450) based netbook out there. (via cnet)

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