March 20, 2010

20 cell phone lowest radiation

Hi, digfutech is back again. After i show you the 20 highest radiation cell phone issued from, now share the lowest one.

There are 20 product list and there are dominated by samsung cell phone product.

1. Samsung Alias 2 SCH-U750 (Verizon Wireless)
2. Samsung Flight SGH-A797 (AT&T)
3. HTC Imagio (Verizon Wireless)
4. Samsung Gravity (T-Mobile)
5. Samusng Freeform (Alltel)
6. Samsung Propel Pro (AT&T)
7. Samsung Rugby SGH-A837 (AT&T)
8. Samsung SGH-i450 (unlocked)
9. Samsung SGH-A167 (AT&T)
10. Motorola Devour (Verizon Wireless)
11. Doro PhoneEasy 410 (Consumer Cellular)
12. Samsung SGH-T229 (T-Mobile)
13. Duet D888 (unlocked)
14. Samsung Innov8 (unlocked)
15. Samsung Impression SGH-A877 (AT&T)
16. Samsung Soul (unlocked)
17. Samsung SGH-G800 (unlocked)
18. Samsung Blue Earth (unlocked)
19. Samsung Eternity SGH-A867 (AT&T)
20. Duet D888 (unlocked).

Ok, there are the 20 product that indicated at low radiation by if you not yet buy cell phone at this time, this information gadget hope can guide you to get the best gadget cell phone for you.

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