March 30, 2010

Hercules DJ Console Mk4 Portable DJ Controller

Happy news for all of musician especialy for DJs. Digital Technology now bring an expand music instrument for DJs musician. Yup, THis electronic music device named Hercules DJ Console Mk4 Portable deck for DJs Controller. This device size just like a 10-inch of netbook (real size 10.4" x 7.3").

"It's designed to interface with a variety of inputs, allowing DJs to integrate analog and digital audio from a computer, turntable, or CD into the mix using the included VirtualDJ software. You've got your traditional cross fader, volume faders and EQ knob controls on the PC and Mac compatible Mk4, and it's USB powered!" said sunday 29, march.

Additional features:
- 2 stereo outputs to play the mix on active speakers, a PA system, a hi-fi system or a mixer.

- 2 stereo inputs (with 4 levels: Phono / standard line level / professional line level / boosted line level) to connect any external audio sources: MP3 players, CD mixing decks, vinyl turntables and more.
- Headphone output (for previewing tracks).

- Microphone input (with talk-over function).

- Well-spaced controls for precise mixing: 2 jog wheels, one cross fader, 2 volume faders, 2 pitch encoder knobs, 6 EQ knobs and 36 buttons.

- Intuitive to use: includes functions for synchronizing tracks, automatic loops, adding multiple effects, and recording mixes.

- Comes with a protective cover, a shoulder strap for easy transportation, and a sub-skin featuring a printed graphic (which can be placed underneath the rigid transparent skin installed on its top panel, to customize the console with an eye-catching design).

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Source: digitaltechnews

You must spend $199.99 to get this gadget and it come to available in June 2010.

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