April 08, 2010

iPhone more satisfy than Blackberry

Black berry must fight harder to be the first. I heard that smartphone users more satisfy with Apple iPhone smartphone then the blackberry. Specialy for US users, they more satisfy with the wide screen of iPhone that equipped with touchsreen virtual keyboard than numeric keyboard like most smartphone from blackberry.
iPhone and Blackberry, the two continued to fight in the
smartphone handset
market. It can be tough to compare the two, because each
has different
advantages. But for the satisfaction of users, the iPhone is

A recent report J.D. Power and Associates, a
company that assesses the
level of consumer satisfaction, said mobile phone
users are now preferring smart
phones with touch screen technology. The
technology was considered to be more
satisfied the customers in the United
States rather than phones that use the
numeric keypad, or a Qwerty

"Touch screens are ideal for those who want a phone for
needs, wide-screen display and provide new experiences for
users," said Kirk
Parsons, JD Senior Director of Wireless Services Power and
Associates as
reported by LiveScience, Wednesday (7/4/2010).

addition, Kirk says content on the iPhone is also a key to reaching
consumers. Manufacturers must focus in order to make phones that can support
users to get content.

"For users, the speed of downloading an
application on the phone very much
needed," said Kirk.

Apple is
considered successful offers the best smartphone for the
community, while
the Blackberry is second. iPhone excels in operating systems,
features and
physical appearance.

 iPhone Tumbangkan Blackberry soal Kepuasan Konsumen

Source: MSN.com (translated)

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