June 26, 2010

Which one do you like? iPhone 4 vs EVO

Which one do you like?

These two smartphone just like 2 girls between an election to be a partner of life. Each has such a goodness, proud, smart, charms, compare, and many.

EVO has wide screen, and i like that. but the smaller screen than EVO make iPhone 4 look simpler and comfort to placed on pocket.

Talking about screen the EVO 4G's screen is an amazing and jawdropping while the iPhone 4's screen is just as jawdropping. Certainly, EVO 4G wins this competition.

Look at the Camera, EVO has bigger resolution with 8MP while the iPhone 4 just 5MP even iPhone has it's own reason why it must be 5MP but more MP (Megapixel deals with more clear capturing pic, right?).

Even each is more attractive to owned but I sad to say "I can't have that, because it's expensive for me" (Hahahahaha...!).

Just make your choice and visit here for more recognition

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