July 13, 2010

iPhone 4 has trouble on its signal receiver

If you just buy latest apple product iPhone 4 and has troubleshooting about its signal, it is just common. Recently, the consumer reports reviewed this cellphone by making a signal test AT&T. After comparing the iPhone with some other phones in AT & T network operator (operational network iPhone 4), Consumer Reports concluded that only the iPhone that has the problem of signal reception.

"From our findings, claims that Apple said that the problem of signal strength on your iPhone 4 only a matter of optical illusion, caused by faulty software, must be questioned," said Mike Gikas, from Consumer Reports.

Tests conducted by Consumer Reports also indicate that AT & T network is not the main cause of the problem of signal reception is pathetic iPhone 4.

"The phone supports the display and video cameras that are not found in other phones. Even also improve battery life and other new features like a front camera for video chat and a gyroscope as a game controller is very responsive," said Consumer Reports. "But Apple needs to fix this problem permanently and antenna for free, before we can recommend the iPhone 4."

The phone itself is a successor to the iPhone 3GS, and have been sold in the United States market since last June. Once released, buyers began to blow away a lot of complaints about cell phone signal reception problems.

Many buyers who complained that when gripped by the hand phone, cell phone signal reception can be reduced drastically, causing even talk on the phone to be disconnected. These problems were mainly experienced by the user right-handed.