July 30, 2010

Latest Samsung X series come with Core i3-330M processor

Digfutech gets a good news that Samsung X Series laptops will refresh it spec with the 1.2GHz Core i3-330M processor, including the 11.6-inch X180. It seems to only change its processor bacouse it heard that X series still use the 3GB of DDR3 and 320GB HDD. The Samsung X180 comes with LED Backlight display with a 1366 x 768 resolution, an Intel GMA HD integrated GPU. Samsung X180 announces 8.2 hours of battery life.
Other X series is also come with an AMD 1.7GHz Athlon II Neo K125 chip, 3GB memory, ATI Radeon 4225 graphics. For this laptop which 11.6 inch is Samsung X125 which claimed have five hours battery life. The Samsung X125 price is about $547.
Source: Samsung X180