July 14, 2010

Microsoft prepares the iPad rival

Rumors about tablet PCs will be made by mikrosoft, is likely to be realized soon. This has been confirmed by Microsoft CEO. Although not yet known when the product launches iPad competitors but Microsoft has confirmed the companies famous for working on this Tablet PC. Asus, Dell, Samsung, Toshiba, and Sony, is a major consumer electronics company that will make Windows-based tablet PC.

Tablet PC products made by Microsoft's tablet PC is targeted to compete with companies that made the apple logo. If this happens then the Tablet PC RIM (Blackberry Tablet) and also Samsung (Samsung Galaxy Tab) has already issued a Tablet PC product will get a new rival and this will enliven the tablet PC market.

Increasing numbers of firms that make the Tablet PC it's likely any price war will start soon so that the product is not just a Tablet PC from Apple's monopoly. This proves that the Netbook on short time not a trend anymore.

Via: Vivanews