June 02, 2012

Asus EEEPC Netbook is the most best choice when the size become matter.

Asus EEEPC Netbook is the most best choice when the size become matter.

Yup, Asus EEEPC netbook 1215 series is the one of Asus mobile computer product. This netbook has speciality at its display. Like no other netbook when I decided to buy this cool stuff, while others offers the 10.1 inc, 11 inch, Asus give a space for its own product category with 12.1 inch with 1366 x 768 resolution display.

There are 4 series of Asus EEE PC, each is 1215 B, 1215 P, 1215 T and 1225 B. The code 1215 seem indicate it's display with 12.1 inch except the 1225 B wich different with three others, 11.6 inch but similar resolution at 1366 x 768.

Asus EEEPC 1215 P empowered by Intel Atom N550
Asus EEEPC 1215 B empowered by AMD Brazo 350
Asus EEEPC 1215 T empowered by AMD Athlon II 
Asus EEEPC 1225 B AMD® Fusion APU E450

Just share. I also have one of this nebook ASUS EEEPC 1215 B Red color and have the problem with the wireless connection. While I tried to fix tre problem found that it using the Wireless broadcom and I litle bit disapponted because the hot spot area on my location often on a/b/g, but when I check the hardware of my EEEPC it use the Wireless "n" only. So the problem didn't solved till now except I use Wireless USB stick.

Then I visit the Official Website of the ASUS and search the specification and cought that it using the wireless WLAN 802.11 b/g/n@2.4GHz. Am I buy wrong stuff...?

Okay, I tried to re-instal the OS (windows 7) but it also doesn't fix it). Unfortunately when I re-instal the Windows 7, I didn't carry the CD/DVD driver so I visit the Support web and get the driver soon.

Just Share this info again, If you loose the CD/DVD Driver of your EEE PC E450 just visit its official support information click here

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