April 16, 2015

Thorough Before Buying Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Thorough Before Buying Galaxy S6 Edge
Thorough Before Buying Galaxy S6 Edge
News and Reviews Gadget Technology: proverb says Carefully before buying is likely to be necessary to apply for buyers gadget. Do not let you disappointed after purchasing. Would that you are looking for as much info as possible before you decide to buy a smart phone gadgets. As one example of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Yes, there are some users of the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge who discovered the problem is with the auto-rotate on their smartphones. in the sense that the function can no longer work. Most of these reports came from Verizon and Sprint customers.

the users claimed that the function of auto-rotate working good before function for several days suddenly not working, after several attempts to restart the smartphone but do not change anything, including the shut down and restart features of the auto-rotate.

most assume that the problem of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge arose because of an accelerometer that has ceased to function so it is not in the software, but there has been no official statement from the operator and the Samsung. Until now there has been no solution to overcome these problems in addition to bringing the smartphone to be swapped back with a new one.