May 06, 2015

Dave Goldberg Death When Treadmill

Dave Goldberg Death When Treadmill

Dave Goldberg Death When Treadmill

News Dave Goldberg, husband Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg and CEO of the company Survey Monkey, died in a tragic accident in the gym. So an example of that exercise in the gym also has a risk of death.

According to news from the Washington Post, Wednesday (05/06/2015), Dave Goldberg fall or slip when using the treadmill, a device in the form of running boards where people can walk or run on it. He fell backward with the head first.

Head Dave Goldberg who hit suffered severe injuries and lost a lot of blood. He was still alive when it was discovered his brother, but his life was not saved shortly afterwards.

Although the accident on a treadmill is rarely fatal as experienced Dave Goldberg. Generally crash when using the treadmill only minor injuries

Actually, in a treadmill accident quite common although it is rarely fatal as experienced Dave. Reportedly, tens of thousands of people the United States only using a treadmill or injury due to other gym equipment.

"Nearly 460 thousand people were rushed to hospital in 2012 because of injuries related to medical equipment. The majority, about 428 thousand light alone, but 32 thousand had to be hospitalized or even dying," writes USA Today.

The majority of accidents caused by the use of a treadmill. It is expected that users be careful when using the treadmill is equipped with this powerful machine.

"There is a risk during exercise in the gym. We all know that. If you overdo it, you may be injured or even die," says fitness expert, Jared Staver.

"So be careful. If you have never used a machine, you should be sure to wear it properly. If you push yourself, you will suffer the consequences," he advised.