May 30, 2015

Reason To Choose The Microsoft Lumia 430

Reason To Choose The Microsoft Lumia 430
Microsoft Lumia 430

Reason To Choose The Microsoft Lumia 430

Digfutech's News and Reviews Gadget Technology - The presence of Microsoft Lumia 430 smartphone gadget helped enliven the market at a price that is more affordable but with middle-class specification.

Reason To Choose The Microsoft Lumia 430

"Microsoft Lumia 430's presence on the market to answer the wishes of all those who crave cheap phone but with a specification that is reliable and provides the opportunity for those who want to try out the advantages of Windows Phone 8.1 features. In general, windows smartphone is priced fairly high."                                                                   

Here we summarize Reasons To Choose Microsoft Lumia 430.

First Reason to choose Microsoft Lumia 430, friendly price
Because smart phones Microsoft Lumia 430 priced at only around 699,000 rupiah, or about $ 69.00 then this is the main reason for choosing the Microsoft Lumia 430. Microsoft Lumia created to answer the desire of the lovers of windows phone in the middle and lower segments but does not reduce major features such as skype, Cortana, Office etc. During this time Windows Phone smartphone is priced at the high at the lowest $ 100 upwards.

Second, abundant features of low price
Microsoft launched its latest Windows Smartphone series Lumia 430 comes at the end of the first quarter in 2014. This smartphone is designed specifically for those who want to do more than you can imagine. Windows 8.1 operating system equipped with Lumia Denim You could feel the performance and support for the latest update of all the features of Windows Phone. Friends with Cortana, personal digital assistants that are ready to help you anytime you need. Microsoft Lumia 430 is designed to help all your work done on time. Enjoy the convenience Video Chat through Skype, Online Cloud storage capacity of 30 GB onedrive, and free from Microsoft Office applications. This is the second Reason to choose Microsoft Lumia 430

Third, Equipped with Latest Operating System Windows Phone
Lumia 430 is equipped with Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 operating system with the Lumia 430 Lumia Denim offers a big change. Action Center to Live Tiles typical of Windows is very easy to use and simplify your daily activities. Denim Lumia Windows Phone 8.1 brings improvements in the camera sector to present a more intuitive user interface. There is also a Live Folders that allow you to set the display of menus and apps on the main screen. You can also see a variety of important information, though the screen Smartphone in the locked position. Plus Browsing capability and speed also improved. Increased capabilities offered from Microsoft Lumia 430 be The Third Reason To Choose Microsoft Lumia 430.

Fourth, Your New Assistant: Cortana
Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Denim on the Lumia 430 is equipped with Cortana, personal digital assistants and your friends are already integrated in the Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia Denim. Cortana can tell the latest traffic conditions, weather conditions, to remind you of birthdays boyfriend or remind schedule for your Meeting. Cortana can learn hobbies and habits at any time. In fact, Cortana can provide information and recommendations for the best birthday gift your lover. The most unique, Cortana can you talk like talking to a friend own. Cortana into fourth reason chose Microsoft Lumia 430.

Fifth, Popular Applications Microsoft offers FREE
This is the fifth reason to choose smartphone Microsoft Lumia 430 you can get a variety of support of popular applications from Microsoft, such as: onedrive, Office, and Internet Skype. Enjoy all the new applications that can be enjoyed even on the smartphones on the current class. Through onedrive you can store all the personal data, photographs, videos, whatever you got Online. So no need to worry about important data left behind at home, simply log in with an account onedrive Microsoft, important data can be accessed at any time. Microsoft provides free online storage of onedrive of 15 GB. Get an extra 15 GB free capacity when you activate the feature Backup Camera Roll.

Office Mobile applications are also embedded into Microsoft Lumia 430 lets you can edit, share, access the documents you are working from anywhere and from any device. Or, if one day you were missed on friends, you can use Skype Video Chat service. Lumia 430 is integrated with the Dual SIM and Skype so you can change the use of a conventional phone to Video Chat is more attractive. You can also receive Skype calls at any time and you also have a direct contact number to call friends or family via Skype.

Reason To Choose The Microsoft Lumia 430
Sixth, Comfortable in grip and easy to play
Cheap Microsoft Smartphone Lumia 430 has a casing made of poly-carbonate which makes it tough withstand impact due to daily use. Dimensions size is not too big so easily operated with just one hand because it has a 4-inch screen with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels (~ 235 ppi pixel density) Support Dual SIM allows you changing data network to be always connected anywhere. Microsoft Lumia 430 Dual Core Processor entrusting of Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 200 1.2 GHz speed as the brain and 1 GB RAM speed up the process of Start-Up favorite applications such as: Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. The internal memory of 8 GB can still be coupled with up to 128 GB MicroSD. Enjoy all your favorite games directly from MicroSD, without burdening internal memory. Comfortable in the hand and is easy to operate the sixth reason for choosing Microsoft Lumia 430.