June 21, 2016

The acquisition of Motorola by Lenovo No Match Expectations

Digfutech's News and Reviews Gadget Technology - Motorola acquisition by Lenovo has lasted for approximately 19 months. Even this acquisition process will not be completed if Lenovo does not pay a sum of USD 2.9 billion. Unfortunately, although it has cost billions of US dollars in its latest report Lenovo recognizes if the acquisition is done not as expected.

Rarely do we find there are companies that indulgence in disgrace when earnings announcements took place. But, this does not apply to Lenovo.

Manufacturer of technology from China is not ashamed to reveal that its mobile business was not in good condition. Moreover, the acquisition of Motorola is recognized not as expected.

"The efforts of integration does not meet expectations," the company said, as quoted digfutech of detikINET of the Times of India, Saturday (05/28/2016). Did not meet expectations here as targets Lenovo seems to be the top three major players of the smartphone world.

Although I had felt the desired position, Lenovo began gradually displaced by other major players, such as Huawei, Oppo and Vivo. The weakening of Lenovo mobile business also due to reduced shipments of smartphones in China by 85%.

Neither the efforts to bring its brand into the North American market is said to be not smooth. However, Lenovo still has a number of strategies to reverse the situation, namely with the latest Moto G and Moto Z are rumored to be present in 2016.

Meanwhile, in order to strengthen its market in his hometown, Lenovo set up Zuk.

"China is still a competitive market and Lenovo intends to push back the existing growth by moving the shift of the operator to open up the market and exploit the brand Zuk to rebuild the competition end-to-end," said the company.