June 16, 2016

Hidden Feature OnePlus 3

News and Reviews Gadget Technology - Specifications gods are not the only advantages offered OnePlus 3. This brand-new phone also has a myriad of hidden features and interesting. Anything?

There are anticipated, OnePlus 3 immediately make a commotion shortly after its release. Because the phone is equipped with the tiller to the specifications above average. Not only 820 Snapdragon processor, RAM is immersed in OnePlus 3 also reached 6 GB.

But actually specification that carried OnePlus 3 is not new, which makes it interesting is when viewed banderolnya. Just imagine, when other manufacturers tagging Snapdragon mobile phone processor 820 in the range of IDR 8 million, OnePlus 3 only sold in the range of IDR 5 million.
In those numbers is already Mi 5, but it's Xiaomi phone champ still thrusting 4 GB RAM. Meanwhile, as is known, OnePlus 3 has been left far with 6 GB of RAM.

But regardless of the specification, OnePlus 3 true also has hidden features are quite interesting. Anything? Here's the list.

Night Mode

If there are Dark Mode in iOS, then OnePlus 3 has the name Night Mode. The working principle is similar to one another, the goal is to provide the appropriate temperature light when the phone is in use at night.

Funnily enough, Dark Mode could arguably be brought Google to Android. But even OnePlus is buried first in OxygenOS based on Android, which carried OnePlus 3.

How it works in OnePlus Night Mode 3 is quite simple, the system will perform arrangements of light on the screen when the user wearing it at night. The color orange will be increased so that the temperature is more comfortable user's eyes when he looked at the screen. In the end the eyes will feel more comfortable because the screen does not feel glare.

Dash Charge, Fast Charging ala OnePlus

Trends fast charging is also not spared worn OnePlus 3. The phone is equipped with the name Dash Charge. His claim only by charging for 30 minutes, the battery can be directly charged OnePlus 3 to 63%.
But Dash Charge actually not really worked by OnePlus. Fast charging feature is revised from VOOC belongs Oppo. With the strong current of 4 amperes from a 5V power supply, battery temperature colder claimed typing charged using Dash Charge than other fast charging feature.

Interestingly, Dash Charge will also continue to work optimally even when the display OnePlus 3 starts.

ambient Display

OnePlus 3 is also equipped with ambient display features. But this feature is not new, is already present in the Nexus 6 first. So this feature can make the notification on the phone screen appears only in black and white.

The difference, in OnePlus users can set whether to enable the feature ambient display or not. You do this simply by rubbing the sensor is at the top of the screen, then the notification message or email that usually appears when your phone is locked, will appear in black and white.

It sounds just the usual features, but passable ambient display can suppress power consumption AMOLED screen on mobile phones.

Audio 3.5 mm or USB Type-C? Both can!

When Apple called would eliminate the 3.5 mm audio port on the iPhone 7 is replaced function through port lightning, OnePlus 3 instead thrusting both. So even though a 3.5 mm port remains present in OnePlus 3 port USB Type-C, which also has had more than just a function for charging and data transfer.

Reportedly OnePlus will prepare a special headphone that uses a USB Type-C interface. With so users can have a choice, want to listen to music from a 3.5 mm audio port or via USB Type-C.

But the news about the headphone USB Type-C for 3 OnePlus still waiting for further confirmation.