June 16, 2016

OnePlus 3 Features Technology Optical AMOLED screen

Digfutech's News and Reviews Gadget Technology - OnePlus 3 Mobile officially released by bringing a number of new technology, one Optical AMOLED. So what's the difference with the Super AMOLED many vendors that are widely used today?

Optical AMOLED technology itself is still sound familiar to the general public knowledge. Unfortunately at the time of the launch as well as on the official website, OnePlus not provide information in detail about optical AMOLED display technology.

From the OnePlus just explain something that became hallmarks of Optical AMOLED. Fortunately in a question and answer session on the Reddit website, Co-Founder Carl Pei OnePlus explained about the screen technology.

Carl Pei said Optical AMOLED is a Super AMOLED with a number of improvements. They add contrast and color temperature to make the colors really alive.

In addition OnePlus 3 design a special performance profile. The goal is to make the display performance is maximized when it is outdoors in sunny conditions.

The Super AMOLED used is the latest variant. Pei said the actual manufacturing is indeed possible to customize the display of the Samsung-made.

"There is rarely a serious vendor customizes," Pei said as quoted by Android Authority, on Wednesday (15/06/2016).

But when asked whether OnePlus participating software changes the screen? Pei confirmed it.

"Even something like the color tone is a combination of hardware and software," he said.

So it can be concluded, Optical AMOLED is not something new, but it is not just a gimmick anyway. Because the company is based in China has been doing customization Super AMOLED technology so as to improve the quality of the display OnePlus 3.

In its official website, OnePlus said AMOLED Optical excellence. The technology is claimed to be able to produce more vivid colors. They conducted a series of gamma correction to bring more natural viewing experience.

As a result the black color looks deeper, while the white color looks brighter. Even color reproduction as the original.

OnePlus claims the technology is more efficient in power consumption. In addition, because there is a layer dual-polarization, the screen is so bright even in the sun.

This is the advantage offered OnePlus 3 Generally, everyone will cover their phones when under direct sunlight. But by using the latest technologies embedded in OnePlus 3 does not seem to apply.

Source: detiknet