July 08, 2010

Hammacher Schlemmer recently launches the first 3D

Hammacher Schlemmer recently launches the first 3D video camcorder available for $599.95. Even the resolution is small but the camera recorder has two lenses for producing the 3D video.Physically it's 31/4" TFT display is flipped in the left side and can be turned about 270 degree.

According to digfutech's source this camcorder videos are recorded in 640 x 480 pixel resolution as AVI files. So, it is not too bad and smart enough for smallsized and slim camcorder. A 4 GB SD card (sold separately) stores up to four hours of video or 2,000 3D still images. The camcorder features a 31/4" TFT display and shows content in 3D with no glasses required. Hammacher's website states that "movies can be viewed on the included media player's 7" screen because it is overlaid with a parallax barrier that displays video in 3D without the need for 3D glasses." However, to view on the media player, content has to be transferred to the player via SD card.

The camcorder can also shoot standard 2D movies and pictures.

Hammacher's 3D Video Camcorder has an MSRP of $599.95 and comes with a USB cable for copying content onto a computer.

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