July 30, 2010

HDC-SDT750 world's first 3D camcorder for a massive retail

HDC-SDT750 is the latest camera recorder from Panasonic. The ability of this camcorder is it features that capable to record movie in 3D. The 3D movie work by joining two pictures separately and combine it while it play. The pictures resolution up to 1080 x 960 Hi-def.
Unfortunately, as the first product on the market, their capacity is still limited. The result of the recorded image will effectively be enjoyed with a distance felt between one and three feet from the screen. And, there is no zoom feature.
HDC-SDT750, video camera, two lenses side by side, wrapped in a single case, ready for retail sale by a Japanese vendor starting next September with a price of £ 1300, equivalent to Rp18, 2 million.
you can change the camcorder settings to the mode of two-dimensional (2D), which offers a Leica lens with 12x optical zoom and a three-inch screen to view the results of two-dimensional record.