July 22, 2010

HTC Wildfire Review

Nowadays Social networking feels important and HTC comes with this inspiration. HTC Wildfire is the new product for beginners and for young class. HTC Wildfire's design looks like HTC Desire but there are something that you can't find on HTC Desire and you'll find it on HTC Wildfire.

HTC Wildfire adds special features that focus to the integration of famous social networking site such Facebook, twitter, etc. HTC Wildfire's feature has HTC caller ID. This feature shows the latest update status of the caller and the other feature is  Friend Stream. Friend Stream shows the latest update your friend in twitter or facebook in the same screen.

HTC Wildfire has equipped with GPS navigation, Accelerometer for motions game based, Digital Compass, Proximity Sensor, Ambient light sensor.

HTC Wildfire also added 5MP camera with LED flash light and auto focus system and you can see your capture to the 3.2 inch touchscreen. Transfer you pictures can be so easy with A2DP Bluetooth v2.1 or you can upload it using the WiFi b/g connection. Hearing musics can be easily by using your beloved headset with 3.5 jack audio.

HTC Wildfire estimated price about Rp 3,7 Million.