July 24, 2010

Samsung Releases 2 New Dualview Camera. ST600 and ST100 (review)

Samsung releases its new Dualview based camera. There are 2 series of this Dualview type, ST600 and ST100. Both are 14.2 Megapixel resolution picture. This dualview camera of samsung has larger front view than its dualview type prevously, it 1.8 inch with LCD. The lens of those product is the same kind, it is from Schnedier with 4.9~24.5mm focus 27mm wide on ST600 while the ST100 added the higher focus up to 6.3mm~31.5mm with 35.1 angle.

Based on size, the 2 dualview variant of ST600 has larger than ST100. It is 4.07"x2.34"x0.78" (WxHxD) while the ST100 is smaller than ST600. But, even have difference with it size, both samsung dualview camera has the same main display size 3.5 inch.

Capabilities of Capturing moving picture. The Dualview Camera Samsung ST600 and ST100 are capable to record movie in high quality sized 1280x720 (30/15fps), ability for standard quality (640x480) and lower quality (320x240) and both are 30/15fps.

Via: akihabara
Source: Samsung