July 21, 2010

Toshiba SmartPad (concept) Show off in Australia

Today, there is rumor out there that Toshiba has show their new product concept others its latest tablet netbook or PC (Toshiba Libretto). This is new concept showed of that introduced in Australia.

This new product of Toshiba centering to the one screen PC that we call it a PC Tablet and the PC Tablet of Toshiba called SmartPad. Smartpad based the full touch-based screen and "it will be 7 inch touchscreen arranged in clamshell design" quoted from pcautority.com.

There is no certain information about the Operation System for this PC Tablet. It can be using the Android Operating system or may be use the Windows 7 Operation System. Confirmation about the specific information also yet confirmed. But the SmartPad will be launching at September-October timefarme.

Source: pcauthority