July 20, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Spica best android handphone by ICS 2010

Indonesia Cellular Award Announced and has decided the best Android phone is Samsung Spica.

This consideration for the Galaxy Spica Samsung product has a price that matches correspondences market acceptance, features, and technology, battery life, ease of use, applications and dimensions.

As for Indonesia Cellular Award 2010 is awarded Dyandra Promosindo and Tabloid Sinyal as organizers Indonesia Cellular Show 2010 to the phones and the best operators during 2009-2010. "ICA Award for most independent because there are no vendor sponsors are assessed, the full Dyandra and Sinyal," said Bambang.

For the category of mobile phones, organizers Indonesia Cellular Award 2010 earlier rate of 79 series phones. "We really did borrow the handset to be assessed. As many as 79 handphones taken to Sinyal's editorial office and each took turns holding the jury had a chance," Bambang added.

In addition to the categories of Best Android, was given eight awards for best mobile phone in each category.