November 25, 2010

BlackBerry Playbook Close to Exactly Price

News and Reviews Gadget Technology: BlackBerry Playbook Close to Exactly Price

The closer time of BlackBerry Playbook's launch, many rumors were writhing in cyberspace. The latest news, there will be three versions priced Playbook is different also.

Blackberry Playbook 8GB version is going to be the cheapest, with a tag of U.S. $ 399 or about Rp 3.5 million. Later versions sold at price U.S. $ 499 16GB and 32GB versions sell for price U.S. $ 599. Leakage is obtained Insider Mobility site, which is also listed as the party of the first opportunity to work especial Blackberry Playbook.

If true, the threat seriously enough Blackberry Playbook on the iPad. For the iPad the cheapest prices in the United States today is U.S. $ 499 for the 16GB version. That is, IPAD with the most affordable price tag of more expensive U.S. $ 100 from the Blackberry Playbook. In addition to differences in internal memory, all these models will be identical in terms of features and functionality.

Previously also flashed the news that the Blackberry Playbook will priced less than $ 500. Mike Abramsky, an analyst at technology to assess if the correct price above is accurate, RIM will enjoy a margin of between 25% to 30%.

RIM has been quite aggressive compared the Playbook with iPad, which of course Blackberry Playbook claimed more severe. However, the story might be different if next year a new generation iPad is launched, along with marketing Blackberry Playbook.