November 25, 2010

Guide To Choose The Right Gadget Technology

News and Reviews Gadget Technology: Guide To Choose The Right Gadget Technology

The development of Gadget Technology is increasingly crowded with the presence of the tablet. Earlier in this segment has been present beforehand, laptops and netbooks.

The solution is summarized by PC World, probably could be one guide before the user decides to buy the laptop, netbook and tablet.

1. How You Got Funds?
iPad tablet became one of the pioneers gadget technology at this time, certainly offers a hefty price tag 'wow' for the device class whose specification is not much different from the netbook. For example, in the United States, with a capacity of 16GB iPad wifi sold approximately USD499 to USD829 with kapastias 64GB.

Compare with netbooks, with the price of USD499 users can already get netbooks with much better specs. Moreover, the average price is around USD300 netbooks only.

2. Are You Using Multimedia in Anywhere?
If yes, the answer is iPad. Because, this tablet has a large and bright screen, battery life is long lasting will let you watch a movie at which you've downloaded. Of course, you can not just watch the video with DVD discs, but you can transfer them via iTunes.

A netbook is good to have a better battery life than most laptops, can be your second choice. You also need to download the movie because of the netbook, no optical drive available.

3. Did You Dependence On The Office?
You need a laptop or netbook to run Microsoft Office. But that's not the end of the story. While IPAD is not running either Windows or Mac Office, but Apple does offer a number of good applications that will provide many features in common.

4. Do You Need a Keyboard Work?
If you're talking about sending a brief e-mail or short text only, then iPad be the right choice. To write a tough task, you want a physical keyboard is full size, and that means a laptop.

One little secret evil of Netbooks is that most keyboards have been minimized. That means some functionality and navigation buttons are in strange places or even disappear.

How keyboard iPad? I thought it was a matter of taste. Because users are already familiar with the virtual keyboard, will have no trouble using the keyboard iPad.

5. Do You Want to Play Many Games?
Games became important applications, in addition to working. If so, then the iPad is the answer. By downloading gaming applications on the App Store, users can get the desired game. Something that is impossible to get on a netbook or laptop.