June 12, 2012

Lamborgini TL700 Specification

News and Review Gadget Technology: Lamborgini TL 700 Specification

This will be the first winner of the most expensive android smartphone of this year. Lamborgini is a super car maker which also well known as sport car auto maker which all the product is expensive. But, what is Lamborgini suppose to do by creating luxury smartphone powered by android smartphone.

Here is the specification of Lamborgini TL 700
Android 2.3 OS
3.7" WCGA sapphire crystal display
Unknown speed rate of Qualcomm processor
5 Megapixel rear camera
VGA front camera
4GB internal memory (no expandable explain)
1,400 mAh battery
Gold and crocodile skinn
priced at $2750

 Source: phandroid