June 11, 2012

Canon EOS Rebel T4i Series Ready on End Of June

News and Reviews Gadget Technology: Canon announced it new EOS Rebel camera DSLR line for end of this month.

As written on vancouversun that Canon Digital Camera Technology has added it's new line of digital camera technology and it is an upgrade of the T3i. It is Canon EOS Rebel T4i.

Canon EOS Rebel T4i has incredible capability especially on recording feature. CMOS 18 Megapixel has provided this camera which also equipped DIGIC 5 processor technology. Capable up to 5 frames per second in continuous.

Canon Rebel T4i has found it way to popular. It focus to the video making. Check it out, now Canon has added new feature called Movie Servo AF. Canon seem understood while you are focus on the subject when recording the HD Video even the subject make move. But the movie kit is not include the box

Source: vancouversun