July 31, 2012

Microsoft Surface Tablet Coming on October 26 This Year

News and Reviews Gadget Technology: Microsoft Surface Tablet Coming on October 26 This Year

Since the launch of a tablet from Apple company make gadget manufacturers incentive to mimic the findings of Apple and even Microsoft.

According to the news I get from inet, Microsoft Surface tablets have ensured that they will soon be made ​​commercially in the coming months, on October 26, 2012.

"Our latest version, Windows 8, is likely to be present on October 26, 2012. Simultaneously, Microsoft Surface tablet have started to be sold into the market," according to the news we get from inet on Cnet (07/31/2012).

Despite determine the launch date, Microsoft will release a tablet seems only Windows-based Surface RT - version of Windows 8 for ARM processors. While Windows 8 Pro Intel-based processor, may slide 90 days later.

Unfortunately, no pricing revealed by the Microsoft Surface Tablet is about the tablet.

But there is some speculation mentioned, for Windows tablet RT will be priced at a price between USD 500 to USD 600. As for the version of Windows 8 Pro, priced $ 1,000 or it could be higher.

Source: inetdetik