August 01, 2012

New BlackBerry Playbook Tablet Will 10 inch Display

News and Reviews Gadget Technology: New BlackBerry Playbook Tablet Will 10 inch Display

Is it true that the picture above is a tablet made ​​by RIM recently?

The physical presence of RIM's latest tablet is still mysterious. But there is one great site that leaked bold and predict that such images are Playbook BlackBerry made ​​by Research In Motion.

When Apple reportedly decided to make a cheap tablet with a 7 inch size, the opposite is actually made ​​by Research in Motion (RIM). BlackBerry maker is rumored to be making a tablet with a size that rivals the iPad.

Yes, outstanding photographs that leaked the latest generation of tablet Playbook. The device is claimed to be an Playbook by 10 inch size. As is known, before a 7-inch Playbook.

According to the news that blow, the big screen this Playbook will soon make its debut next year. If this is true, embedded operating system is most likely the BlackBerry OS 10.

Besides size, there are no other complete specification related to the Playbook 10 Inch. But in one of the other image is visible, this tablet will be paired with a 7250 mAh battery.

About the support network is still mysterious. Is the present course or WiFi version only supports 4G performance although it is likely limited in 3G. So that was quoted from Engagdet, Tuesday (07/31/2012)
Source: inetdetik