August 16, 2012

Is iPad the worlds first tablet PC?

News and Reviews Gadget Technology: A war between two giant gadget makers just begun July 30, 2012 but the actually the it warmed up since April 15, 2102. They are SAMSUNG and APPLE.

The story begun because Apple didn't like the other gadget maker "Copy and Paste" iPhone and iPad design as on Galaxy Tab and Smartphone Galaxy. As we know, both have different Operation System. iPhone and iPad with their own OS and Samsung use the android OS Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Smartphone.

The Statements
Apple Statements
"Apple claims that Samsung is deliberately copied the design of the iPhone and the iPad, following the product packaging tablet and smartphone Galaxy and Galaxy Tab."

Samsung Statement
"Samsung denied all claims saying that Apple and the consumer electronics industry routinely seek inspiration from the products in the past"

They also presented evidence that they are properly

But at this time, Samsung attack back to Apple and Samsung questioned about patents that already official before Apple launched their first Generation iPhone. Patent-related feature is bookmarking photos, send an email with a photo and music playing in the background features while users access the other menus. Samsung claims to have patent before the arrival of the first generation iPhone in 2007.

But the most shocking for me where Italy Sherman (Witness for Samsung) showed a tablet PC by Hawlet Packard TC1000 which released 2002 and he said that it's design identically with Apple iPad.

Sherman give a statement which more logic and make sense while he said that bounded corners on tablet design is basic thing and functional so Apple have not right to patent it.

This make me keep searching how is the Hawlet Packard TC1000 Tablet design. After googling, I found this archive on Howlet Packard official site.

Compaq Tablet PC TC1000
Compaq Tablet PC TC1000

Compaq Tablet PC TC1000
Compaq Tablet PC TC1000

1.    Pen Tip  
2.    Pen Button  
3.    Pen Barrel  
4.    Pen Tether Eyelet  
5.    Battery Bay  
6.    Power Switch
7.    Mobile Keyboard (attached)
8.    AC Adapter Light
9.    Battery Light
10.    Wireless LAN Activity Light
11.    Tablet PC Input Panel Launch
12.    Journal Launch Button
13.    Rotate Button

Compaq Tablet PC TC1000
Compaq Tablet PC TC1000

1.     Power Switch    
2.     Power/Standby Light    
3.     E-mail Launch Button    
4.     Windows Security Button    
5.     Jog Dial    
6.    Speaker
7.     Microphone Jack
8.     Headset Jack
9.     Audio-out Jack
10.     Speaker
11.     Microphone

Compaq Tablet PC TC1000

1.     AC Power Connector   
2.     External Monitor Connector   
3.     RJ-45 Network Jack   
4.     RJ-11 Telephone Jack
5.     External Multibay Connector
6.     USB Connector
7.     PC Card Slot
8.     Keyboard Connector
9.     Antenna (not visible from outside of tablet PC

The Hawlet Packard TC1000 Tablet Specification
Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition
Tablet PC form factor with pen and keyboard support
Innovative mobile keyboard
Innovative docking station

Weighs 3.0 lb (1.36 kg)
Less than 1 in/ thin
10.4-inch XGA TFT display
Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
256-MB SDRAM upgradeable to 768 MB
30-GB User removable hard drive
Integrated mini PCI 56K V.90 modem plus 10/100 NIC
Internal Wireless LAN

Use either pen or mobile keyboard
Ultra-light weight – 3.0 lb (1.36 kg)
Innovative keyboard attachment
Docking with or without keyboard
Easy transitions with multi-monitor docking profiles
Magnesium alloy cas

So, would your mind said that Apple also imitate or duplicate Compaq Tablet PC TC1000 by HP?

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