April 25, 2015

Forbidden Thing Shouldn't Done While Recharging

News and Revies Gadgets Technology: Forbidden Thing Shouldn't Done While Recharging

Smartphone technology does have a myriad of advantages. Along with the advantages offered, the smartphone also has a weakness on the duration of battery life. Intensive use to be one of the main causes, so that the average smartphone battery only lasted 5-6 hours.

Other conditions that can reduce battery life is falling, submerged in water, and fire. But there are also conditions that cause a reduction in battery life due to bad habits owners. Here are four of them:

1. Using Mobile Phone While In-charge
If at the time you are eating and at the same time forced to work then what will happen to you? It's just an equation logic alone.
Using smartphones while in the condition to recharge the battery may result in the device temperature rises more than usual.
Impact if carried out continuously in the long term would not only damage the battery but also the device.

2. Charging the Battery Overnight
Leaving smartphone recharged during the night may damage the battery. Characteristics of lithium batteries do not fit with this habit. If you want to charge the battery when going to bed, charge the battery as needed, and then unplug when going to bed.

3. Let the Battery Out Total
You may be too engrossed with the game that you play to forget or let the batteries run out completely. Habits of smartphone battery charge after total discharged recommended for this type of lithium battery. But to maintain battery performance, you should keep at least 20 percent power.

4. Not Using Original Charger
In addition to not be optimal charging, do not use the original charger can damage the battery and the charger may be because the specification that is not compatible with your gadget. Even frequent burning device due to the use fake charger.