April 18, 2015

iPhone 6S Planned Wrapped by Aluminium Seri 7000

News and Review Gadget Technology: Ideally a premium smartphone not only have advanced features that can spoil the user from the network receiver quality, fast internet network, the touch screen is protected by a formidable force, camera etc. However, one of which is the basic material used. That was iPhone 6S Planned Wrapped by Aluminium Seri 7000.

As reported makemac.com recently circulated rumors that Apple will coat or wrap the new smart phone iPhone 6S with a metal coating of aluminium series 7000. Although the aluminium series 7000 is stronger, Apple said the aluminium that will be used to coat the iPhone 6S is also 30 percent lighter of stainless steel.

iPhone 6S Planned Wrapped by Aluminium Seri 7000, seems to be more robust in resisting the pressure and there was no issue easily bent as much rumored before. Not only will have a layer of stronger aluminum, next-generation iPhone has also been rumored to have feature Touch Force as Apple Watch owned.