April 03, 2015

Microsoft Lumia 435 Vs Lumia 430

News and Review Gadget Technology: Surely you remember the date of the launch of the Lumia 435 by Microsoft, is not it? Microsoft Lumia 435 is raised by Microsoft to respond to market demand wanting Lumia Products with qualified specification but at an affordable price. And here's the answer.
However recently there is an update information from Microsoft's official website will launch a new variant of the Lumia cheapness in the near future.

Lumia 435 Dual Sim vs Lumia 430 Dual Sim
This is the picture appearance Lumia 430 and Lumia 435. I compare it turns out, if observed carefully there is a change of the body. Lumia 430 is designed with rounded corners while the Lumia 435 is designed with angled corners. Also looks different dimensions more important Lumia 430 2.4 mm, 1.5 mm smaller in width and 1.1 mm thinner than the Lumia 435. This dimensional difference does not give a sense of the current changes in the grip although the Lumia 430 will feel lighter with the severity of the 127.9 g while the Lumia 435 reached 134 g.

In the display sector, these two smartphones have the same size screen is 4 "capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors. But there is a difference in the Lumia 430 and Lumia 435. The Lumia 430 seems to be compressed so that it becomes 235ppi 2ppi compared with the Lumia 435 which only has 233 ppi. This difference does not provide a significant change for your views.

From the specifications of the hardware nothing has changed between Microsoft Lumia 435 and Lumia 430. They are the same, carry the network 3.5G, 1G RAM, mass storage 8 G, 2MP rear camera and VGA front. Equipped with Windows 8.1, Dual Sim, 3.5 mm audio jack, Dual core 1200 MHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 200