April 05, 2015

Nokia (Finlandi) Android Concept

News and Review Gadget Technology: Emerging Nokia with android operating system is not new though Nokia has been acquired by Microsof. Unfortunately, this time Nokia company located in Finland have to keep waiting until 2016, when it will be allowed to make a phone under its own brand again. However, Nokia is rumored to have made the smartphone concept that will be produced. as below.

Nokia (Finland) Android concept
Android Nokia phone above is illustrated by Chacko T. Kalacherry, who welcomed the Nokia back to its role as a mobile maker. There is a slight touch on the concept of smart phone Nexus this, but some part of the visual identity of the Nokia retained. 

The resulting device seems wrapped with a metal material, the Nokia logo clearly a few millimeters below the earpiece. It appears fairly large front camera on the top right corner and is quite interesting this time the speakers mounted in the side of the body. The 3.5 mm Jack audio and a mini usb port shown on top.

This handset has only two varuan silver and yellow and is expected to be present with the screen face 5 or 5.2 inches or more. On the camera will carry roughly belongs Lumia 920 or Lumia 925 or Lumia 930, only with larger lenses today. Looks like the plan of making this smartphone is ripe. I'm sure a lot of Nokia's loyal customers who are willing to wait until next year.

Nokia (Finland) Android concept

Source: www.concept-phones.com