April 27, 2015

Nokia Sure Not To Make a Phone

Nokia Sure Not To Make a Phone
News and Review Gadgets Technology: Nokia sure not to make a phone

The news spread that Nokia will re-produce mobile phones has now reached certainty.

Reportedly from a local site revealed that Nokia has given a statement.

In the statement, Nokia has denied rumors that it was exploring collaboration with handset manufacturing company has R & D facilities in China. It also proves that our previous posts article about Nokia cooperation with Alcatel to manufacture mobile phone is also not true. However, no statement regarding the latest concept of Nokia's smart phones news circulating on the internet.

"Nokia currently has no plans to make or sell consumer handsets," Nokia short as quoted from the site inte.detik.com (Monday, 27/04/2015).

As the news has been circulating that the mobile phone division of Nokia has officially sold to Microsoft for USD 7.2 billion. In lieu of making mobile phone business, Nokia took Alcatel-Lucent with an acquisition value of USD 16.5 billion and more focused on the business network to counter the dominance of Ericsson.

Nokia statement which rejected all the news about the production of mobile phones in 2016 might be a strategy launched by nokia to press the issue. May also Nokia will make a breakthrough that we did not know before.