May 09, 2015

4 Latest Gadgets Xiaomi Leaked

4 Latest Gadgets Xiaomi Leaked

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Xiaomi will be very busy this year. Their activities related to the preparation of the launch of several new smartphones. It is stated in the 2015 roadmap leaked into the pages of a website technology.

As quoted digfutech of Gizmo China from, Friday (08/05/2015) Xiaomi will release four smartphone product gadget. Xiaomi Note Pro is the first newly marketed. Then in June, they released Mi4s. In July, there are two products that will be launched, namely Redmi and Redmi Note 2 Note 2 Pro. In closing, in November, will be released MI5.

In these leaks also shown a brief specification of the device to be removed Xiaomi. Xiaomi Mi4S will be equipped with technologically 8 core processor from Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8994 810 with 5-inch screen Full HD 1080P, 13 MP rear camera and front camera OIS 4 MP Ultrapixel.

While Redmi Note 2 will be capitalized processor MSM8919 (Snapdragon 410 which has computing capability 32 bit and 64 bit), processor type is also designed for 4G network capabilities. Not only that, Redmi Note 2 is also equipped with a 13MP camera (rear) and a 5MP (front). Redmi Note 2 Pro itself would be equipped with a processor MSM8939 (Snapdragon 615) with a 5.5 screen is full HD.

Later, MI5 will likely be the new flagship will be a champion Xiaomi smartphone has a kitchen runway would Snapdragon 820. The screen size of 5.2 inches and has a rear camera WQHD 20,2MP like that of Sony Z4.

The leaks also show Huawei plans for 2015. They will also be releasing a series of flagship product. such as Ascend D8, Mate 8 and Honor 7. But whether all of this information correct? Unfortunately from the Xiaomi and Huawei has yet to comment. So we wait for the evidence in June, whether Xiaomi really will release the latest gadgets Mi4s or not.