May 07, 2015

Google Seek Car Manufacturers To Make Self-driving Car

Google Seek Car Manufacturers To Make Self-driving Car

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Google does not play in the realization of his ambition to make cars that can walk without driver. Reported by that it has spent large amounts to develop cars that can run without a driver. However, if this is a sign that Google will make this self-driving car in bulk?

With this ambition, finally, a point of light began to appear. Internet giant was known was trying to get a partner who has the ability to mass produce cars.

Citing Ubergizmo page loaded in, associates car manufacturers need to be invited to a partnership with Google because Google itself did not have a license and adequate facilities to manufacture cars in large numbers.

Finally the company is headquartered in Mountain View, California is said to have proposed to General Motors to become a partner in mass producing these innovative vehicles technology of self driving car.

Although General Motors itself has reportedly partnered with Google in developing automatic vehicle without a driver. However, Google still glance at other car manufacturers to provide its self-driving car technology to a wider market.

"We will not fail to speak with the production of the largest car manufacturers. They have many things to be offered," said Chris Urmson, Director of Project Cars Without Drivers Google cited by

Urmson also mentions some of the potential partners who might collaborate with Google to realize the ambition of making a car without a driver. Big names such as General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Daimler AG, and Volkswagen AG mentioned in the list of prospective partners.

If Google's efforts in recruiting companies automaker successful it is predicted by 2020 there will be a lot of cars circulating in the streets without a driver. But as the development of technology usually bring negative effects from it. Though unrealized, the question arises, Is the vehicle without a driver safe?

Partnered with car manufacturing touted done so that Google did not become arrogant because they feel able to do everything alone. Google driverless vehicle prototypes previously undergone testing process was made by a specialized manufacturing company called Roush who were in Detroit.

Google's advanced vehicle developments predicted will be available as early as 2020. Google reportedly is working through a lengthy process in adjusting the laws and rules that allows a car without a driver can run on public roads legally.