May 17, 2015

IPhone users 6 Rises

News and Review Gadget Technology - IPhone users 6 Rises

News and Review Gadget Technology - IPhone users 6 Rises

Discussing the iPhone smartphone 6 and 6Plus indeed endless. The latest news about him as reported in site that Apple CEO Tim Cook explained that there are an increasing number of new iPhone users that previously existed as Android users. It is claimed to be due to the presence of the iPhone 6, which managed to attract the interest of the users of Android.

Information increasing number of iPhone users who disclosed Cook is not just a unilateral claim. According to market data released by the United States BI Intelligence, proved that in the first quarter of 2015, Apple controlled 42.6% share of the US smartphone market. While Android is still ahead with 52.4% market share.

Although Android is still ahead of the iPhone 6 and 6plus, but BI Intelligence noted that the increase 6 iPhone users, Android has lost about 0.7% of users in the first quarter of this year. While iPhone users have increased 1.3%. And these figures are believed to Android users who switch to using the iPhone, especially the iPhone 6.

In the first quarter of 2015, the iPhone 6 have achieved sales to the figure of 61 million units sold. This information was announced itself by Apple as the information (May 15, 2015).

Of the total sales of the iPhone, the iPhone 6 and iPhone series 6 Plus is claimed to boost iPhone sales to 40% in different parts of the world. Add